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John Armless Project "The Complete Jamsession Studio Recording Vol.13" (2006)

The Complete Jamsession Studio Recording Vol.13
Alternatives Takes from The Space Messiah
22/10/2002, é parte do box set de 21 cds.

Enigmatic Atmosphere Suite
a)Zion Planet
d)Modern Lights
Miracles ( Exerpts from Hear my Message )
Dead Moon ( Exerpts from War Is Life )
The Visionary
a)In The Dark
b)Slave of Solitude
c)Magic Winds
What Is That Behind The Hill?
a)The Hermit
b)The Lost Forest

Bonus Track
War Is Life Beginning

J.A.Moraes Piano, Moog, Organ, Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Walter Scheufler Vocal, Harmonic and All Lyrics

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